We are KTGames, and we are here to deliver you the best games in Warcraft III. This is our main goal.

The creation of KTGames is the start of a revolutionary age in modding in Warcraft III.


We were founded by Trebla and Khenjie resulting to a name: “KT”. “KTGames”.

Trebla found CampScouter in the Hiveworkshop and together they helped each other in developing and making one’s map better. Cazscu(At that time was MaStEr_ZeTrA) was a co-developer in the map of CampScouter.

Cazscu had contact with Trebla, and joined their group as a community manager. CampScouter also joined the group for he knew that he can make possibilities in the group.

Now WE are HERE!


Image Copyright: Kunkka