Jeffrey Missions : New Mini Map!

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Main Information:

Trebla wrote:


Author : trebla ratilla
Genre : Mini-game, Strategy, Stealth
Accounts :
* FB : trebla ratilla
* Twitter : @treblaratilla
* Google : trebla ratilla

-You need to “Borrow” what is listed
-You must acquire the payment
-You must escape after you get all the stuff you want
-You must hide. Be alert!
-You can use remote control pet to survey the whole mansion
-You lose if you been capture by the security
-The security can’t see you behind within 200 radius but he can see you infront of him within 800 radius
-The securities will survey randomly in the mansion

-Only 1 playable character
-Multiboard System
-Well-Organized Terrain
-Sight Range System

* Sneaky – steal 4 things
* Super Sneaky – steal 7 things
* Shadow Sneaky – steal 9 things without using Shadow Spell
* Eagle Eye – steal 9 things
* Hidden Man – steal 12 things
* Sneak Like A Lizard – steal 14 things
* Sneak Like A Legend – steal 17 things
Others :
* Pet Addict – using Decoy three times
* Fashion Lover – using Change Hat five times

* Think wisely before you use your abilities
* You must not be seen by the security of the house



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